Greening Tolerant Citrus

We offer UF and USDA greening tolerant citrus varieties and rootstocks. While the new varieties are more tolerant and are showing positive signs that they will be able to produce fruit longer than existing varieties in commercial groves, it is essential to note that the new cultivars are still susceptible to disease— which means they will still require the diligent management of any other variety with citrus greening. Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury anymore of planting a tree and it producing fruit for 50 years.   Greening has quickly shown us that we must change our methods if we want to see a future where the industry still thrives— not just merely survives.  While the new varieties are not the “silver bullet” (as Dr. Jude Grosser would say) to end greening, they offer a short-term solution so that commercial groves can hold on until more promising long-term remedies are developed. While the CRDF and USDA are coming to the industry’s aid with millions for national citrus greening research, business must go on as usual, and so growers have an option in the meantime with these new cultivars.  For those who wish to participate in the field trials, we will be offering more greening-tolerant citrus.  Contact us at the nursery for more information or questions about these new cultivars.

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