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A Peach of a Weapon

The name MP-29 sounds like a weapon, and in a sense it is one. This plum-peach hybrid, which was released for commercial trial in 2011, is the one rootstock for peach with resistance to the eastern peach industry’s three biggest predators: peach tree short life (PTSL), root-knot nematodes and Armilaria root rot (ARR)  

Rootstocks for Florida Stone Fruit

Rootstocks have been used in many tree fruit systems to provide growth advantages or pest or disease resistance without affecting productivity and fruit quality.  

Florida Subtropical Peaches: Production Practices

Subtropical peach production includes many practices, such as site selection, orchard design, and disease, weed, and insect management through to harvest.  

Seeking A Better Peach Rootstock

Over the years, peach tree short life (also known as bacterial canker complex) and Armillaria root rot (ARR) have been the most common causes of premature mortality among peaches in the Southeastern U.S.  

Alternative Opportunities for Small Farms: Peach and Nectarine Production Review

Florida’s mild winter climate and early spring season offer unique opportunities for early-season peach and nectarine production. Currently, Florida produces some of the earliest commercial-quality peaches and nectarines in North America.  

Strong Roots = Better Fruits Rootstocks are the foothold of Florida’s peach industry

Rootstock use in tree fruit crops has greatly enhanced the adaptability and longevity of orchards worldwide. Budded or grafted fruit trees are composed of the scion (fruiting portion) and the rootstock (rooting portion).  

8 Steps To Optimal Peach Orchard Establishment

The popularity of new peach orchards in Florida is really taking off! With all the enthusiasm for growing and learning about a new crop, be sure to think through the basics of establishment and make a solid start to your new endeavor.  

12 Promising Peach Cultivars For Florida

Peach cultivars developed by UF/IFAS have opened the door for an entire new crop selection for Florida growers.  

Site Selection Solutions For Peaches

Picking the best location is the first step in preferred production of this fruit tree.  

Florida Peach Producers Give Production Pointers

Firsthand experience can be a grower’s best guide.  

Phil Rucks On Peach Nursery Trees

Phillip Rucks Nursery in Frostproof is one of the largest citrus nursery tree providers in the state.  

There Is Opportunity In Florida Peaches

Newly developed non-melting flesh varieties are allowing growers in the Sunshine State the chance to find their niche.

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