‘UFSun’ is a peach variety with a low winter chilling requirement of approximately 100 to 150 chill units (cu). Trees of ‘UFSun’ are of large size and highly vigorous with a semi-spreading growth habit. Trees of ‘UFSun’ regularly bear heavy annual crops of early season fruit which are medium size for its ripening season. Fruit of ‘UFSun’ are very firm with a yellow, non-melting flesh which are clingstone with a diameter of 2.25 to 2.5 inches.

Fruit of ‘UFSun’ are uniform and substantially symmetrical in shape and have an attractive 50 to 60% red skin with darker red stripes. The fruit of ‘UFSun’ ripens about 80 to 85 days from full bloom, with that of ‘Flordaprince’ peach, in late April at Immokalee, Florida and Gainesville, Florida.

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